Stop right there!

I think I arrived at the point of not willing to play the game anymore.

Everyone who is coming to feed my fears, to empower my insecurities, to doubt the value of my work, the value of me, please notice that I am not interested in playing that game anymore.

I can say I have spent all my life in the so-called “survival mode”, and most of it was because people around me were more busy feeding my fears, empowering my self-doubt, and projecting on me their skepticism, fears, and lack of vision, instead of encouraging, support and make me believe that I am worthy of creating a healthy, wealthy and balanced life!

Every battle I have fought and won I did it and overcame when I finally was able to beat my fears and control my mind.

Every single day of my life is a testimony of how wrong You were!
The simple fact that today I am here, I am alive, I am still standing proves everyone who doubts to be wrong!

Now I am detaching myself from everyone who still does not believe in me!

You can doubt me. But do that out from my sight.

And just for you to know, I will still going to be your cheerleader in whatever you are willing to do!

You can have your fears. But keep them at your doorstep. Do not walk into my space with that.

But just for you to know, I will be encouraging you to find the strength to beat your fears and control your mind and succeed in anything you want.

But I do not wish to have anyone empower my self-doubt and feed any of my fears.
Because Fear is just
F fantasizes
E experiences
A appearing
R real.

I chose to believe in myself, over and over again.
And for the first time in my life, I am stepping out of the survival mode, walking and working and putting all my effort into thriving and growing. Because I am here with a purpose.
If you are lacking the ability to see the value I am offering, then maybe you are not the right person to walk next to me on this journey.

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Own your story

Exposing my works is kinda like walking naked in high heels on the main square. Exposing is owning your soul, your light and darkness, your vision and journey of healing, or regaining yourself, showing others the bravery of being a woman artist, the journey of “Homecoming”

The exhibition is continuing tomorrow, Sunday 19th June. For those who missed the previous days, you can meet me and the exhibited paintings Tomorrow until late evening.

Homecoming exhibition 15-19June 2022

“Homecoming” exhibition opening evening. And I am still fascinated about how many amazing people I have around me, each of them beautiful Loving Lights 🌟❤
Grateful for everyone and everything🙏

“Your home belongs nowhere outside of you. Your home is within you. You are the architect. You are the builder. And you are the occupant. You must find yourself. You must see yourself. Hear yourself. Love yourself. You must create safety for yourself.”( Najwa Zebian )

Thank you

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Exhibition announcement

It is an honor and a privilege to invite everyone to the upcoming exhibition named “Homecoming”

The Art exhibition is going to take place at Kalaja e Tiranes. 

[ Kalaja e Tiranës

069 728 8111  ]

The opening ceremony will be held on Wednesday 15th of June 2022, at 6 pm.

The exhibition will be available for the public on the dates of 16th / 18th/ 19th of June.

This exhibition will surely benefit the visitors who search for positive energy and loving Light reflected through colors on the canvas, and  powerful 3D artworks.

We will be pleased to see your presence at the exhibition.

Anna Konya
Abstract artist
Founder of the Queen project
Fb. Group “The Queen Project – Light in Art”

F: Anna Konya Abstract Art
Ig: @annakonya_art

Restoration completed

Somehow I knew it, something is going to happen. For days everything was preparing me for it.
And still…
There you are, doing your things. Sitting in a chair and having people around talking about meaningful topics and there you are, struggling to be. To be present. But you are in the spotlight. Can not hide. And you try your best. To hear. To acknowledge. To answer and to be. But you got knocked out. In a fraction of a second, Your heart got a hint. In the middle of the event, my heart forgot its rhythm. I could feel it. Stopped and restored. Once. Twice. And then once again. Detached from the here and now Something changed within me. The most misused, and misunderstood and crushed piece of my heart arrived back to me.

Is strange when you have so much within….emotions, sensations, words, and long long monologues, debates, and impressions within you.
And yet when you try to express them, to put it in words, somehow it is impossible to give this intensity a regular shape. Strangely words are not enough. Not the right way for me to express myself.  Words would squeeze all this intangible experience into a box and would limit its potential.
So where do I go?
How do I give shape to intensity?
Closing my eyes…I know the answer…
In-between life and death there is a land of no gravity. There is freedom from all mind projected limitations….there is the land of All, where the intangible can create itself a silhouette. In between you find the channel to accept, release, weep, and let go of everything and nothing, everyone and no one. Journey without distance.
No tools left, except the one you always resisted. Surrender. Let it be.
Trust with every layer of your being, trust that the mind ruled “game over”, is the beginning of a beautiful new chapter, expansion into a still to discover happiness.

If now, your stubborn silence and rejection will finally be answered with silence and detachment, will you be happy?”

Be brave my heart, have courage, my soul.

Message in the “bottle”

The universe is talking to us through people, hints, synchronicities, numbers, songs, dreams, feelings, objects, odors, setbacks, green lights, detours, delays, and many other interesting ways.
We hear and know so much about people living in the same world but somehow on different dimensions. See and live in the same World, the same year, breathe the air under the same sky, but live lives in such different frequencies that literally don’t see/ hear/ and maybe don’t even sense one another. This is how it can happen that people who were deeply connected even Love one another, in the here and now they may easily be strangers.
For a long time, I could not find any explanation for losing contact with one of the most precious friends in my life. From time to time tried to reach out but never got an answer. 
But you do continue to care for the other.
You do your life, with ups and downs, beautiful achievements, and live the beauty of a unique journey. But there is a corner of your heart that silently wants to know if is doing it okay. I think when we love and care for another soul, somehow is natural to want the best for it, to know about it.
But “the best” from our perception can differ from what’s “the best” for others. And I can not judge or force my perception on anyone. All I do is respect the path they are choosing and wish them happiness. Whatever happiness may mean to them.
So here is this very important person, to whom from time to time I tried to reach out, but the reaction was a complete detachment. Somehow I always tried to find the reason. What did I do wrong? As far as I know, all I ever did was encourage, support, and accept every decision. Because all I wanted was its happiness.
And here I am on this lovely summer morning, breathing in the early morning fresh air, I know I got my answer.
I got it. Woke up remembering my dream, where I did receive a message texted ” Who is it writing? Learn to give your name and from where do you know me, why you write me.” Completed with an angry emoji.
As I woke up, I decided to take it as the answer given by the Universe through the dream. Kinda like a message in the bottle, given for me to understand and move on.
We are strangers to each other, living life in different realities. All that is left are the memories and the Love that is enough. Enough to be grateful for having the chance to meet in this lifetime. Grateful for crossing each other’s paths, enough to accept and let it go.
It’s all good. We are both good.

Just a thought.

I missed you so long that I learned to live and love life without you.
I stopped missing you. I called back all the “miss you” energy.  Instead, I started to vision you being happy and successful wherever and with whoever you may be.
Missing you would pull you back, weakening your energy. So I stopped missing you…I wish you to soar, I wish doors of abundance to open with ease, you to spread your wings and fly. Find your peace and happiness.
And if one day after all our lessons learned,  you’ll be here to stay … I will just celebrate the greatness of you, and maybe a new  “us ” side by side…
Invincible. Immortal. Eternal.
Simple. As Love can be.

Find the courage

Love’s biggest challenge nowadays is to win the battle over the thousand faces of fear that stops people from opening sincere dialogues. 
Somewhere between typing a text and erasing it, there is a story waiting for one to find its courage…to make a call.
Somewhere between receiving a message and leaving it without a reply, there is a story waiting for one to find the courage…to reach out and talk.
Assuming, or wondering are games of the mind in fear.
Tap into the heart core, and find your courage to have a voice to talk. There is magic in the words. Use the magic of talking sincerely.
Center yourself in your heart and trust that it will guide you to find the words to express your true 💙

May be…

Sunday. Morning. Slow-motion, peaceful sounds of birds singing.
Morning smell. Morning spell. Life. I do love you. Still Love You.
March…do not worry. I’m not angry with you. Through learning we forgive. By seeing behind the curtain we understand. And by understanding, we become compassionate. With ourselves, and very much forgiving in each direction. When the veil that shadowed the source of our actions is gone, and we have a clear vision, the completion of the healing happens. March, thank you for challenging my mental health in such a cruel way.
April, you, with your Speedy Gonzalez kind of cycle-breaking energies😀 Where have you gone? A whole trilogy can be written out of these past 30 days, and yet it feels like just a blink of an eye. Thank you. You were amazing.
And here I am. First Sunday morning of May 2022.
Smile on my face. Heart beating in my chest. May 2022. What have you got for me?
I am wondering….is there anything still going to surprise me?
Is there anyone writing a book about my journey and I know nothing about it? 😀
I am sooo sooo so lucky. And soo sooo soooo grateful for my soul, for the guidance, for the unbreakable will to heal, and the infinite Light and Love.
I am blessed.
Hello, May 2022.
May you be abundant.
In Love.
Abundant in Laughter and Joy.
Abundant in every aspect of my life.
Thank you.

How to support an artist you like?

Buy that artwork.
No matter how big or small. If you like it. Buy it!

No advice is needed. The story is simple. Artist is the creator of something unique and precious that you can enjoy for the rest of your life only if you invest in it. So…yes.
Buy that artwork.
“Why don’t you….” type of questions and advice are just stressing out kinds of moments.
Artist does not lack imagination… even the top roof is full of ideas. What it lacks is money to realize its ideas.
So if you like what you see? Invest in it.
Do you appreciate and recognize the value of a unique artwork?

You have a great heart, and goodwill, wishing to help the artist to create and continue to share with the world the Art that you so much like?
Start by buying.
Display them in your home. Let the work be seen and loved.

It has an instant mood-boosting and happiness hormone-releasing effect for both. Buyer and artist as well.

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