Today? Just go and smile to life. Touch your chest and feel your heartbeat…And say thank you!!
Today? Just go and be your best version of human possible. Give a smile, say I love you. You may even be brave enough to hug someone 😉❤
Today? Is now! Try something new!!
Today? You are alive! Try to see all your blessings….And smile…Be grateful for all the good and be wise enough to understand difficult days are for you to learn, to grow and to be better than you were yesterday!!
Today? Be humble and be less self-centred. See others, try to understand who they are, why they are in your life…and love them. No one comes into life by accident. See. Learn. Cherish. Understand.

Today? Be aware of who you are! Feel, love and know. Know that you are a loving soul in a human body! Smile, love and respect your uniqueness!
Today? Love being alive! Respect that lovely soul of yours and be the best human you can possibly be!!
Be that today!
Repeat every day!


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