Freedom of healing


Healing and self development is actually a lonely jurney. Even when you have people around to help and encourage you…the big work is inside…and there you are alone. You must find in yourselve the will to change, the will to want to be more, the will to heal. It is an alone time with the mirror of truth inside yourself, a mirror which shows you only when you are true and sincere with yourself. Healing is all about the one who we are. And we are one…and it’s on us to recognise the pain which keeps us down and to deal with it. The freedom is the most scary tool human kind is possesing because then all your words all your thoughs and all the work is your responsability. Freedom is about taking responsability for all who we are without masks, without teached ideologies and without the will to please any other person. and daring to be our best human possible. A human who knows that being human is not about being perfect.
In my opinion art is about freedom and bravery. Free to use the tools you have no matter how limited the possibilities are. Freedom to try and fail, do it again…In a different way and succeed.
In a world of masks and multitasks it needs bravery to show who you really are. Making art…like letting your soul free and express in your unique way…It’s bravery.
Art is about love and healing. Medicine for the overhelmed mind and tired soul.


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