Find your purpose ❤


I don’t know how, and if it’s happening to everybody….but I guess Life is helping all of us to find our goals, the purpose of our being here, to be on the right path. I do believe that all break downs, all the time when things did not work out the way We wanted…It was with a good reason. It says humble yourself or life will do it for you! So so true. The lesson must be learned. The Ego must be transformed, the arrogance of knowing what’s best in everything, the egoistic way of resisting to changes must break….one must humble itself in order to succeed. And then there is a point when you see ….and when you finally see how all things are, then the change is happening .
It’s not the easy way that leads us as human being to a joyful, balanced and happy life. All our days are part of a wonderful journey. I always say that life is not a race. We are all here with a purpose, and that is not competing others. Finding out our purpose it might take some time, lot of resisting, even more tears and…battles that no one can see….But it is the ultimate goal…to have a purpose! Something that makes You wake up in the morning, with a big smile on your face, peaceful soul and a grateful heart. Dare to live, love and be all that amazing beautiful human that God has created.

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Wish you all a lovely day. Anna.

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