86 400 reasons to smile ❤


Time is our biggest treasure and using time the best way possible is the ultimate goal. These last few months shows me that those who knew me why they never doubt me. Now, in this city of everything, and altogether I finally get to realise that I am able to do anything. I finally get to know myself…and the power within me. This place teaches me each and every day. How to dare, how to ask. To focus on my goals, to really live and love each moment. To give love, show love and be in love with life…even more every day. It’s pushing me way out of anything what could be familiar or comfortable, and it’s the most amazing thing in the world. It made me realize how amazing and balanced are things in life…all good and bad things just leading us to the right path. Now I know, that within me I have all the tools I need in order to succeed. I am full of love and nothing can dim the light in me. The respect for life and the love what I have for it is my best fuel.
I am grateful and blessed …for each heartbeat. And I do give myself a big smile
I have my heart beating, my mind clear, and my soul shining in this human body of mine. And each day I have 86,400 reasons to smile and do my best.
And everyone has the same 86,400 seconds to make it the best out of it!
I found this quote on the other day, and I think is just the right one for everyone who has forgotten what is the most important in every day:
“Imagine this: If you had $86,400 in an account and someone stole $10 from you, would you be upset and throw all of the remaining $86,390 away in hopes of getting back at the person who took your $10?
Or move on and live?
Right, move on and live. See, we have 86,400 seconds each day. Don’t let someone’s negative 10 seconds ruin the remaining 86,390. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Life is bigger than that.”(Unknown)

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Wish you all a lovely day


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