Days of…everything❤🙏


I’ve been silent for some days. Not because there was nothing to say, or nothing was happening. It’s because the last days were so full, and so intense that the best thing was living them 100%
And by living I mean…really feeling the blessing of being alive, aware of our fragility.
It say’s that we are sand in the wind, just a tiny spot in the eternity of the universe….but you never really realise that…until nature is showing us it’s power to crush lives in seconds.
And by living I mean….being blessed with a heart beating, a smile to share, a touch to feel, a warm hug to give and get, hands to help, tears to cry, shoulder to carry on, love to live. Living by respecting and cherishing each and every moment of life.
Tragedies and difficult moments come in our lives with no prediction …traumas and feareful days show us how tiny we are as flesh and bone…and how immensely big we are as hearts and souls. In the last days i’ve have seen and shared some of the most sincere hugs of my life, filled with love, and care. I have seen people helping each other, sharing and giving…a blanket, a peace of bread, helping hand, a hug, time for volunteering, and anything what was needed in those days of tragedy and shock. In the middle of disaster I got to see the beauty of human kind. The beauty of the people and their hearts. Albania is teaching, the albanian people is teaching again, as they did during the history so many times…what it means to be a good human. That they might not live in the richest country of this continent in materialistic terms…but their richness is in their heart in their soul in their respect and love for life !


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