Winter solstice 🌟


Solstice’s are those magical things we have during life as gifts … to show us how to keep balance between light and dark, giving and getting, day and night, chaos and stillness, peace and anger, distance and closure, silence and noice, love and hate, smiles and tears, pain and healing. Hope for the darkness to be limited and humble awarenes that the light might not be unlimited. It’s a magical dance of the light and dark, teaching us to see and live our lives trying to keep the balance in everything we do, and feel. Keeping the balance between heart and mind for the sake of the soul ❤
Each year once we arrive to that depth of the darkness from where is no deeper. Winter solstice is that magical moment when the conquer of the dark it stops and the light starts to fill back the days, the hearts, bringing back the natural balance into life.❤


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