Yes and No


Among out first words as child are the “no” and “yes” and for short time we know exactly what is the difference and we use them properly. And then as we grow up… in the infinity of masks and fake behaviour…it get’s all confused…
And it’s a lifetime long period learning again how to say No…and when must be a Yes.

@myannnnas_art  #artwork #acrylpainting #acryloncanvas #abstract #painting #myannas

If You are thinking of unique and beautiful present for Your loved ones. Do not hesitate. Some of my  artworks are for sale , available on the link below/// Amennyiben eredeti és szép ajándékkal szeretné meglepni szeretteit, figyelmükbe ajánlom az alábbi két linket ahol néhány rajzom elérhető,  megvásárolható:


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