The “Snail “🐌


We, humans, we are so fragile. And everything arround us built or created by humans, is fragile, and needy. Needy. Yes. A house, a building, bridge, road, a tool, an artwork, a machine…all must be kept clean, nourished, loved and cared for. Things last long and even longer when we pay attention, when we love and take good care. By the way…so are relationships too 😉
And artworks? They are so fragile… the artwork is like the body…it reflexts the whole balance between mind, heart, soul and spirit. If there is damage…the body get’s hurt, sick and fades away. If balance is gone the body starts to suffer.
Any artwork is unique, fabulous, heart warming and lovely. And if we do want them to last, we must take care of them.
Sunlight is such a delight, but still we do not expose any artwork, furniture, carpet to direct Sun…as the colours will start to fade. Our body needs the Sun too, due to be healthy…and still when it’s too much….we get hurt of it.
If the humidity is too high…or too dry in a room…we do try to balance it for our health and comfort feeling. So are the artworks, they get dry and cracky, or soft and blurry. And if we want things to last, it’s our job to pay attention, and give the proper care to everything around us.
Today I am sharing with You one of my early artworks, the “Snail”, a very popular and loved pice of mine, shinning bright and sharing the positivily and love from within.
Dear everyone. Please take care of Yourself and everything around You. Keep the balance…for a healthy and beautiful life. And love and cherish the artworks around you…they are pieces…of someones heart.
Thank You 🙏❤

If You are thinking of unique and beautiful present for Your loved ones. Do not hesitate. Some of my  artworks are for sale , available on the link below/// Amennyiben eredeti és szép ajándékkal szeretné meglepni szeretteit, figyelmükbe ajánlom az alábbi két linket ahol néhány rajzom elérhető,  megvásárolható:

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