Invitation ❤


Dear All ❤
This is an invitation 💥💥
I would like to invite you all who will be in London on the 20th of February to an exciting book launch & exhibition & motivational evening.
I am happy and excited to take part at this event as an artist, where I will have some of my works exhibited along two other great artist : Daiane Medeiros and Camelia Maftei .
The event will be held from 18:00 to 21:00 (GMT) at London College of Contemporary Arts (LCCA) 9 Holborn London EC1N 2LL United Kingdom

If you would like to join us, tickets are free and can be purchased by following the link below:

…Each day is unique. And each day we have some of everything. Sometimes more than “some” sadness, or “some” silliness, more than just “some” happiness .

And then…there are those days…when God shows us how beautiful,  how powerful and amazing we really are.
When all you do, is to be your unique kind of self. When you are not hiding your healed scars…because you are so proud and happy that you healed, when you are not flowing with the mass, but walking on your own path, trusting God,  with the love of the Angels beside you….there is peace and joy in everything you do….and people feel that,  trust that. Then you realise that Love is the answer to everyone and for everything.

Love. Anna.

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