London – 20.02.2020


Yesterday evening I had the opportunity to exhibit some of my artworks in London. There was an amazing event hosted by Krisztina Konya, having the launch of her first book Re-act and change your life.
If there is anything that I realized yesterday is the infinite passion I have about everything connected with my art, the colors, the meaning, the healing power of art, the freedom and the message of all the feelings I’m sharing with everyone through my drawings and paintings.
I think this is actually what we all search for. That amazing feeling when your heart and mind, body and soul are balanced and vibrating. No stress, no push, nothing that could make you feel less or empty. When all you say and all you do is comes so naturally and easy because it’s all You.
I’m immensely grateful for the opportunity this month to show my works first in Tirana and now in London. There is a big World out there hungry for love and colors and I’m on my way to show my art and spread the love is needed for healing and life enjoying.

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If You are thinking of unique and beautiful present for Your loved ones. Do not hesitate. Some of my  artworks are for sale, available on the link below/// Amennyiben eredeti és szép ajándékkal szeretné meglepni szeretteit, figyelmükbe ajánlom az alábbi két linket ahol néhány rajzom elérhető,  megvásárolható:

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