My energy


It was close to midnight, talking on the phone giving advice to my young niece how to overcome a situation.
And hearing myself I realized that I should listen to what I’m saying and use it in my own life too. In the last few days, I’ve been down, a little bit unfocused and I have not even realized that yes…I gave away my energy. Something distracted my focus, my priority and day by day I felt less and less motivated and balanced. And as my energy flowed away I became extremely emotive and unsure about everything.
Hearing myself giving the best advice I could to help, and I did it fulfilled with all the Love and Care I have for my niece I realized that lately, I missed giving the same Love and Care to myself. Today, I woke up knowing where I am, where I am standing, and that I Must take my energy back 😊
There are a few important rules to follow in daily life. Here are some of them:
One “Where focus goes energy flows.”/Easy like that.
Two “Give yourself the same love and care you give it to others”
Three “The conversation in your mind, is the most important one. The shape of your reality changes according to that inside talk. ” Mindfulness is not something easy. And it’s starts with self-love.
So, Yes today I woke up grateful for last night’s conversation with my niece, that pointed my attention to my own mistake. And Yes I also take my energy back. ❤


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