Healing process


Locked down in my home, far from home. And in my solitude, I find myself closer to my family like ever before. I thought as the days go by I will break down. But not. Each day in this isolation is making me stronger, each day I get to know and understand myself and my life better. And I have all the people who I care for and love, and yuppp 😊 I got you in my prayers ❤ Love heals. In my silent isolation, I do arrive there, that each day I feel stronger, invincible. As with the help of God, Angels Univers family friends I’ve been able to heal from the tumor in my head, I was able to step out from everything that I felt that is Not My Path, starting all over from zero, here I am today stronger than ever and using the Time I have. To create, to share with the world all that infinite love what I have, and I know that we all have within. ❤
Immensely grateful for the gift, for this door what I am able to open every time I take a brush or a pen in my hand. Grateful for everyone in my life, and grateful for this morning for opening my eyes. I am alive 😃🙏❤ and I do give myself a big smile. And So are you, who Is reading these lines. You are alive🙏 And each day we have the chance to become better and find love and solutions to overcome every new situation. Its healing Time. In and out. We are healing. Opening new doors closing many old ones. Find your new door and dare to change, dare to heal, dare to be better, stronger and more lovable, than ever before.
Stay strong and add that beautiful Love to your life ❤🦋
With Love. Anna.

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