No masks these days 🙏❤


You know what is the most important thing right now? You may answer in many ways. Love, family, health, bank account, food, toilet paper, peace of mind. Whatever.
But in reality, the most important thing is right here right now is that You are alive. And all blessings are beginning with this amazing thing. Because you are alive you have the gift to Love, yourself and others, to respect the life you are living, respect your body mind and soul…and respect the other people around you.
In these challenging times, masks are falling down. Vulnerability is the main guest in everyone’s life. People nowadays tend to believe that vulnerability is something to avoid, to deny, and hide. But the reality is that vulnerability is the core, the heart, the center of meaningful human experiences, is the birthplace of love, compassion, joy, and strength. When we admit vulnerability we are meeting ourselves in the most sincere way possible.

One thing I learned while my healing process, and with the professor who treated me we had long conversations about the importance of mental health when someone is in a situation of sickness or similar. Besides saving the body it is important to save the mind too. And now with this lockdown, it is challenging for many. The isolation reveals first the weakness of the human. The fear, anxiety, insecurity, cracks down all masks, and it’s up to the person to find the way to live with its real self.
I do believe that by the time this days or weeks are over, we are going to turn back to the real-life as better human beings, with more love and more respect for all the blessings we have each second of our lives. And we are going to cherish and love and respect everything we tended to take for granted.

Love is the key for everything ❤

With Love🙏❤ Anna. @myannnnas_art

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