Seeking the self-knowledge


In the end, it’s also the material from what we are made of. And how damaged one is without even knowing that. Living a life knowing and accepting only one reality. The familiar one. Most of the people do not even question the facts in their lives. It’s like it is, and there is nothing to do about it. Most people have no clue about themselves, about their reactions, and behavior, the damage, and trauma behind. There are thousands out there who lost the ability to understand the difference between healthy and illness, between healing and taking a pill. But what it’s lost is not gone….is still there, hidden behind fear, hidden in the subconscious mind. And the change starts when you start questioning everything when you start to be curious about yourself. Many ways to overcome difficult periods, different ways to heal from our wounds. And still, nothing will change and no growth will happen if there is no will. The will to know. Who I am, why I am like this? What is influencing my behavior and reactions? Is there a different way? Am I able to be better? How?
Seek for answers…and change is going to happen ❤

This is an artwork made on A3 sketch paper with acrylic paint named “Impact”.  Makes part of the new series named”Faceless”
These artworks are made recently since the city lockdown for reducing the spread of Coronavirus started.

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#theloveinquarantinetime #loveeachheartbeat🦋 #keepitpositive #loveheals #findloveineverything


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