Lion within


Yesterday after a long time I was drawing again. With a pencil, as never before. I always liked to work with strong colors. But last night I had a lazy mood after a pretty anxious weekend. The weekend of the 5th week of lockdown. And there was this pencil just next to me. And somehow it was coming. The drawing. Easily. The Lion within all of us wanted to have a shape. So I just let it be… 🦁
We are now in the 6-th week of lockdown. It’s the weirdest and mindblown period of our lives. For sure no one will forget 2020.
There are years we do remember. Because of this or that. A feeling, an event, a love story, tragedy, or the everyday ups and downs. Anything. Or nothing particular. And still, we remember.
And then there are those years of who knows what happened…because they are just gone with the wind….nothing special to remember.
Well, this year will be imprinted in our memories in our hearts and souls for sure. Every cell of our amazing body will remember 2020.

“All my life, I’ve tamed myself to not frighten others. Sometimes it is fun to let the Lion out.”( Pierce Brown)

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