Rise above


Monday. April 2020. Starting the 7th week of lockdown in Tirana, Albania.
They say you never know how strong you are until you have faced and overcome some difficult times. That we grow up very fast but maturity is something we gain with the years, and struggle. It takes a lot of Love and will to dare, to live a life others don’t understand. It takes a lot of self-love to see the beauty in others and love them just the way they are. And it’s always Love that helps us through the trouble, through muddy waters, though all difficulties. The Love of being alive. Love for ourselves. And loving the one beside us. And I always arrive back to the conclusion that there is no other bigger power in this world. Just the Love we carry inside us.
We can die each day and still rise up from our ashes over and over again if we have enough Love inside Us. We are the Phoenix in our lives. Through Love ❤️
#myannas #myannasblog #abstract #art #abstractart #healfromyourwounds #mindfulness #respect #respectlife #passionforart #loveeachday #positivevibes #abstractartfreedom

#isolationart #lockdownart #abstractinlockdown #theloveinquarantinetime #loveeachheartbeat🦋 #keepitpositive #loveheals #findloveineverything
This is an artwork made on A3 sketch paper with pencil and marker named “Rise above”. Makes part of the new series named”Faceless”
These artworks are made recently since the city lockdown for reducing the spread of the illness.



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