Tease the fire


I miss. How  people  used  to tease each other. I miss the bravery of loving. I miss the laughter. I miss Life vibrating in the eyes of people nowadays.
Wrapped in the illusions, chasing the safe side of our being, we miss out the very essence of Life itself. Burning ourselves it is painful. But everything else it has a special beauty, joy, charm, aura, and vibration. It has Life. Love, and uniqueness. And I don’t want to give up on joy and laughter and everything that is essential for living, just because I might burn myself again. Because I know I can survive…as I did it many times before… I can rise again out of my ashes and live and accept every good life is giving me. ❤. And I know every time I might get burned, is also the opportunity to grow, to learn and overcome. To be stronger and better than before. And “if it’s doesn’t burn a little then what’s the point of playing with the fire.” anyway.

This is an artwork made on A3 sketch paper with acrylic paint named “Impacts”. Makes part of the new series named ” Faceless”.

#myannas #myannasblog #abstract #art #abstractart #healfromyourwounds #mindfulness #respect #respectlife #passionforart #loveeachday #positivevibes #abstractartfreedom #acryl

#isolationart #lockdownart #abstractinlockdown #theloveinquarantinetime #loveeachheartbeat🦋 #keepitpositive #loveheals #findloveineverything


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