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Almost every person we had the chance or opportunity to meet during our life are nice and especially rich people. Rich. All of them. Rich by heart, rich by soul, rich by knowledge, rich by creativity, compassion, and love. Rich by the way they are living as beautiful good willing humans.
And then we have the chance to meet some really nice and good willing rich and wealthy people, whose integrity is crystal clear. People who are aware of the responsibility on their shoulders and use their wealth, and power to create, to empower, and help the community to grow and live together in balance and harmony. They are beautiful, intelligent, humble, and rich people, by heart, and soul.
And, as we all know and see worldwide, there is quite a large population of wealthy but not so rich people. Those, who tend to think that they are more than others. Those, who were so unlucky to lose their richness during the years. Those, who got from an innocent child to accumulate something during their life journey that put them on the wrong track. Something went wrong…that led them to the adult who they are nowadays. Wealthy humans, with power, misused intelligence, and such a wrong world picture that made them believe…but truly believe, that they are above everyone and everything. Something went so wrong in their education, in the emotional and spiritual development that they lost almost every valuable and basic human quality, and they do believe that the wealth they have is raising them above us, everyone. And with all the money they have, and all the power they accumulate yet…they are the poorest people walking on this planet called “Earth”.

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