Box of colors


Everyone was born with the same box of colors. And it’s up to us how we use those colors. Are we experimenting and mixing them during our lifetime or we live using only one or two colors …
Are we curious about the new colors we may create? Trusting that maybe there is something else that others have not seen, another mixture that is only ours, a feeling that only we know?
Each and every day we have the chance to choose which way we wanna go, what kind of person we wanna be, and what colors we wanna use in the day we are living now? It’s us who make the decision, and any direction we choose out of any reason it’s our responsibility. The colors are there for everyone ❤🙏

#myannas #myannasblog #abstract #art #abstractart #healfromyourwounds #mindfulness #respect #respectlife #passionforart #loveeachday #positivevibes #abstractartfreedom #loveeachheartbeat🦋 #keepitpositive #loveheals #findloveineverything
If You are thinking of unique and beautiful present for Your loved ones. Do not hesitate. Some of my  artworks are for sale , available on the link below/// Amennyiben eredeti és szép ajándékkal szeretné meglepni szeretteit, figyelmükbe ajánlom az alábbi két linket ahol néhány rajzom elérhető,  megvásárolható:


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