It says that curiosity killed the cat… Maybe. But I can’t agree. Might kill the cat. If the cat is not aware of the danger and the traps out there, life can turn from fairytale to nightmare in no time.
But if curiosity is empowered by good instinct, a genuine way to divide good from the bad then the cat might experience a beautiful and unique life journey. Exploring the world in its fullness. Learning about life…not only from the books and stories of others. Learning about Love and human greatness by meeting people who are sharing and living a life fulfilled with love and compassion. Learning about pain and sorrow, and going into the feelings. Not escaping from it… Feeling everything. And overcome each of those meant to break her. Curiosity will make her learn about herself, her ancestors, her values, her talent, her mind, and her spirit. Curiosity will make her learn about her body, the connection between mind soul and body. Curiosity will help her heal from wounds and traumas. Curiosity will lead her through life step by step learning that Love is a superpower, that a kind word can heal, a friendly warm hug can calm the tormented, and that Life must be respected and lived with its fullest. Curiosity is our genuine guidance in life. Every “first step” every “first time” was made because of curiosity.
The chances to kill the cat are still in the story… But that’s not what the story is about. The story should never be about that. Never.

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