Get to find the door


If someone learns and knows something theoretically, it does not mean that it is able to use that knowledge in everyday life too. The habits and beliefs, fears, wrong self-image, damaged self-esteem, learned behaviors of a community, or society keep the person limited, and half living.
Daring to think, use, and express your own thoughts is a matter of self-knowledge and Healthy self-esteem. And also a matter of knowing and owning your own Feelings and use their energy in the Healthiest way possible.
We create our reality each and every day even if we do it unconsciously.
Reading about the power of the mind is not enough. The theoretical knowledge differs in thousands plus one way from the practical application of it. Knowing is one, opening your heart, and feelings and bring them to the surface is other. Combining the knowledge and feelings are going to take you to the door of all answers.

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