A famous and respected actor in a talk show was asked what he thinks happens when we die. He sat there and thought for a minute, and he delivered a stunningly poignant answer: “I know that the ones who Love us will miss us.”
And that is what makes the end of our journey hard when the time comes to leave this life. Is hard for those left behind. Hard for the people who love us. As its hard for us to continue each day missing the ones we loved.
Things, people, situations, philosophies, wrong ways, the right path, crossroads are always coming into our lives at the right time for the right reasons. People come and go, walk with us for a while, share memories, give and take, smiles, tears, leave a mark in our heart, mind, or soul. The most important ones touch all those three. They imprint themselves into us. Definitely. In an indisputable way.
There are lessons to learn, feelings that need to be inhaled and breathe out, mistakes, and vicious circles awaiting for us to break them. To step out. Walk. Crawl. Swim. Run. Jump. Hide. Escape. Ask. Question. Taste. Touch. Smell. Fell. Feel. And in the end with all the accumulated knowledge dare to be who We really are. And become fearless in defending, representing, and sharing our story, ourselves!
And leave a mark on those who are in our lives. Be loved and love in the most genuine way possible. Live the world better as it was before us.

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