For all


For the innocent baby girl’s.
For the curious little girls.
For all the shocked and confused teenagers.
For those who’s light was dimmed by traumas.
For those lost in the patriarchal society and longing for their never experienced feminine side.
For the abused ones.
For the silently suffering ones.
For the scared one’s.
For the mothers, and those who gave up on dreaming about motherhood.
For the beautiful and exploited ones.
For the invisible ones.
For those who live in fear.
For the too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, too loud, too naive, too kind, too clever, and too bitchi ones.
For the leaders and the quitters.
• You are unique.
• You are beautiful both inside and outside.
• You are powerful.
• You are enough.
• You are loved.
• Your existence does make a difference.
• You are learning.
• You have a voice.
• You matter.
• You are overcoming.
• You are a fighter.
• You are wise.
• You have a choice.
• You are invincible.
• You are a Woman.
A beautiful loving soul in a human body.

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