And it’s real. While you dance with your demons you realize that you are untouchable. All a demon can do is to dance with you. Distract your focus, feed your insecurity, and sing you the most familiar song of the desperate.
But you are untouchable. One thing is always there to protect You. And no demon can touch it. And that’s the divine light! A light fulfilled with Love, connected with the entire universe, a golden yarn between you and the ones who love you fiercely. That light is your indestructible shining soul. That light is always going to save you from all demons.

#myannas #aboutajourney #healingblog #abstractart #myannasart #interiordesign #abstractartfreedom #liquidacrylicpaint #loveeachheartbeat #abstractartfreedom #acryl #contemporaryabstractart

#loveeachheartbeat🦋 #loveheals



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