Follow your Heart ❤️


If life is about following the heart, one should be aware of who’s heart and who’s dreams is actually following. Is it really it’s own heart’s voice or someone else’s?
From the early years as we grow up people slowly lose themselves. As we grow, step by step we forget who we really are. Family, society, church, school, expectations, mistreated and neglected genuine skills and aptitudes, silent traumas, secrets, and taboos are forming our personality, and change it in a drastic way. There are thousands of opinion-forming externalities and our worldview is influenced unconsciously.
And then when someone tells “just follow your heart” you don’t even know what that means. Because the dreams you started to chase years ago, they are not yours. They are not even dreams and have nothing to do with your heart’s deepest desire. They are all those good wishes, expectations, and hopes of others that you desperately want to satisfy, you want to succeed, and to achieve a certain level of recognition. To be loved and accepted. Brilliant from outside and slowly dying from inside. The hopes and dreams of others are unconsciously endorsed and accomplished.
And day by day billions of people are asking themselves why they are sick….
My question is to you, my dear. Are you following your own heart? Do you know your hearts deepest desire? Do you?

#abstractart #contemporatyart #healingart



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