The help, guidance, and light we were praying for, usually is arriving in interesting and surprising forms. Our “job” is to realize that we just got the help we were looking for!!! This is the difficult part of the story. To recognize. Because self-deception is a good old buddy of ours and we tend to live with it for a long time. The outside world doesn’t really care if you are doing something for yourself or not. Everyone out there is having a life going on. A life of their own.

We attract people. I think everyone arrives in our lives when it’s the right time. All those who are part of our lives for a longer or shorter period of time have an important role to play in our current level of existence. Interesting and valuable meetings are all those who arrive as curved mirrors of ourselves, pushing us towards, pointing out all “who” and “what” we are, without the icing. These people, I like to call them helpers, have arrived to encourage you to open your eyes. To help you see clearly. They highlight your strengths and weaknesses and confront you with all who you are. And that’s it! These people will never solve anything “for” you, they will not save or lead you by holding a hand. But they will definitely open a gate inside you. What you do with all that you find within yourself is all your business. You may choose to resist and swing yourself nicely in the old well-known patterns, or you grab yourself together and step one by one and evolve and start living and acting more consciously. Every choice you make is your responsibility. The curved mirror is useful only for those who are receptive and aware, and those who are able to silence that huge ego within, calm their mind and bring a better and more lovable self to the surface. The curved mirror is helping those who are ready, to be honest with themselves. Yes. Honesty again. You, again. Nobody else. Just yourself. Again. Always. In everything.

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