Who we are

It says everyone has 2 lives, the second one starts when we realize that this lifetime, in the here and now is unique and unrepeatable.
I fully and completely deny the theory that we are just part of a mass and our lives are just consequences of a biological accident.
Anyone who lives believing that we are nothing more than flesh and blood, ruled by our mind pending and depending on external comfort and material pleasure…is denying half of its existence.
The mind is a beautiful servant and a dangerous master(Osho)
For years I lived ruled by my deeply damaged Ego, and each day that passed by my soul got shrunk and faded…
At a certain point, my body revolted and denied to “collaborate” with my will. My body, the sacred home of my Soul said No to my Ego. Denied to be used as a machine, as a playground for my Ego, and limited mind.
That was the point where my body started to introduce me step by step to my Soul and all the things beyond our physical perception, starting a journey to who I am. Who I was meant to be.
That was when my second life began. Eight years ago. Started as a battle between Ego and Soul, ended up as a dance, a love dance, full of passion and Love. Passionate tango ruled by love and light a beautiful balance of Soul and Ego.
An incredible journey, to remember. To remember who I am ❤

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