Love is superpower

After all the struggle we’ve been facing by choosing life in black and white it arrived the time to choose from Love and mix the colors of Life.
It arrived the time to choose those who silently stood by us, believed in us. Loving us even when we were not easy-going, even when we said no and abandoned them to chase our illusions. Loving us even if we believe in something else, think and feel differently, even when our truths are not the same, even when we are at a low point, when we need understanding and support and help, even when we dare to show our weaknesses and imperfections.
The time of lies, appearances, soul-killing circles, and interests-based relationships is over.
It’s the time of the truth coming from the soul and love-based connections to be undertaken. It’s the right time to be brave to open our eyes and follow our hearts. ❤

🏖️ Artworks available
👉 Commission order book is open.
🖋 PM if interested

#abstractart #abstractexpressionism #loveeachheartbeat🦋


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