Here and now

Saturday morning. I’ve been awake early 🌞 as usual🦋 Watching the Sun coming up, listening to the city rising.
I had it in my mind….this work of mine. ( Szárnya nőtt. Pillangó 🦋) Made me smile, reminding me of my journey. My life. Such an amazing journey.
This morning, between the sunrise and the full moon I felt blessed, protected, and loved.
I love my life with all its ups and downs. I love the bravery to follow my soul. I love my heart, my kind of loving and giving the best. I love to deal with and learn to understand my ego. I love my silent resiliency. I love the light within that guides me through the darkness. I love the power that lies deep within, always saving me. I love the here and now.
I love being me.

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🖋 PM if interested

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