Voicelessly melting into each other’s aura… Their eyes were like unlocked gates where the light finally found its way in and out. Two pares of sparkling eyes starting a journey. No words. No disturbing sounds. And yet speaking in thousands of different ways through the light in their eyes 👀
Two souls were smiling at each other. They knew its a long journey ahead of them. With a big chance to fail.

  • I was waiting for you since forever.
  • We know each other since forever… I was searching for you just a few human years.
  • I feel You. Is like arriving home.
  • I feel that too. We can rest. Put this armor’s down. We are safe.
  • Where have you been?
  • I’ve been searching for you for quite a time.
  • You have not given up on me.
  • No I didn’t. But we are just at the beginning.
  • It will be hard. They are pretty hurt and hungry.
  • I know.
  • Are we going to succeed? To conquer these demons and heal them?
  • I don’t know. It looks like a long battle for both.
  • You won’t give up on me. Right?
  • You will ask me, over and over again….to let you go.
  • Please don’t do it.
  • I hope I will not. But I might.
  • How are these creatures named?
  • They call it Ego.
    Two souls melted into each other through the eyes of a man and a woman….. Beholding the eternity.
    (Anna Konya/ fragment)


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