Hell does not exist

Hell does not exist.
Hell is only in the mind of people. Created by the damaged Ego.
Hell is being trapped in fear.
Hell is living in the illusion of separation.
Hell is being choked by low energies.
Hell is that greedy and needy hunger coming from forgetting how to connect to the Source of Love.
Hell is a fiction created by few for enslaving the masses through fear.
Hell is what One is creating for itself.
Hell is forgetting the connection to the higher self, and the ignorance about our wholeness.

Where there is Love, there is Light. And where is light….there Hell does not exist. And light is in everything!
With Love.

#aboutajourney  #abstractart #myannasart  #abstractartfreedom #loveheals #loveeachheartbeat🦋 #intuitiveart


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