Bridge of Light

While I hungered the love, the smile, the touch, and longing to hear that voice…I got addicted to the energy of the rejections.
Every time I’ve been denied and every beauty we shared has been dimmed with cynicism…that rejection was the fuel I used for growth, to overcome situations.
I took the walls you build and use them as bridges to reach a better version of myself, set goals, and fight to achieve them.
Every time I was out there in the Arena of feelings and emotions, without armor,  willing to share my love, every time standing there offering the purest essence of whom I am… After every lost battle, I collected the pieces of my Love, the ashes of my burned feelings, and used them to be reborn again and again into something better, stronger, wiser, with a Power that is growing infinite through the light and Love that shines from within.
Because this is who I am. More darkness you embrace, More light will find its way to grow within me! Pure Love.

intuitiveart #intuitiveabstract #womanartist #thequeenproject🤍💫🤍#loveeachheartbeat🦋


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