Heart may break. Unexpectedly. Again. And when this happens your whole world turns out of its corners. Literary all layers of your being are passing through unexplainable grief. And it doesn’t go away until you stop. Stop lying. To everyone and especially to yourself. The heart is smashed, when we are denying for too long the simple fact that it is Loving. It is the easiest collapse ever. Quick and natural detox of all that is not rooted in Love. A clear mirror, showing us that…yes there is Love. And it doesn’t require anything more than to be acknowledged and let it Live. It is Okay to Love. Just be. Love. And go on. Finding peace. In Love.

Acrylic painting “Sound”
2x 50cmx60cm

abstractart #acrylicpaint #intuitiveart #healingart #womanartist #contemporaryartist #abstarct #loveeachheartbeat🦋

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