Love is. All it is.

Love is.
The truth is that Love “is” All.
Not a very deep feeling as we said last year.  Is not a feeling at all. Love is. Light.
Simple. Everything.
Love was on an ancient battlefield where the woman warrior spared the life of the Knight after looking in its eyes.
Love was on a burning medieval Castle where the conquerer saved the Princess from flames.
Love made that woman return to him and their daughter at the end of her journey. Love made him trust and wait, for he knew she will come home.
Love was in that boy stealing old bread for his little sister to eat.
Love was in all lifetimes where souls had been meeting. For a moment. For some days. For years or a full lifetime.
It’s not being Saint, not even witchcraft to choose the good and to tune into a higher frequency.
Is an imprint on our souls that makes it all so surreal, but still real. To remember.
To sit in a car, on a hot summer day heading to an unknown destination fully trusting the driver. Because you know him. Since forever.
And he knows you. From in and out. Pure joy.
Love is.
The urge to see the other Happy.
The urge to show the way how to.
And then letting the other walk through its darkness and do its path to find his Light.
Love is stepping back, letting go, wishing for its awakening… that it may not come easy or at all.
Love is being happy seeing the other happy, even if is with someone else, in a foreign place.
The truth is.
Centered in the heart.
Of everyone.

…I have loved you
For a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more…


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