Increase the doses of Love

You may ask how does she dare to smile when looking around all you see and hear is misery, fear, insecurity, and anger.
You may ask from where she takes the strength to look the dark side in its eyes and say I love you too.
You may ask how you hurt and use and turn your back on her again and again, and she still finds the reasons to forgive and understand your pain. Because each time you hurt her, she goes deep within herself and heals that part you were able to trigger, to use, to betray, and there she becomes untouchable. She fills her wounds with light and heals through Love building a shield of softness and kindness becoming stronger each time….and you have no weapons to use against her.
Because more fear you produce, extra reasons you give to channel more Light more Love into the World.
Tighter the knots are more the Love and Light coded in everyone it is awakening in the hearts.
Because the Light is winning the battles.

Egy bölcs orvos azt mondta: A legjobb gyógyszer a világon a szeretet! És mi van, ha nem működik? – kérdezték tőle… Akkor emelni kell a dózist – válaszolta mosolyogva –

A wise physician once said, ‘The best medicine for humans is love.’ Someone asked, ‘What if it doesn’t work?’ He smiled and answered, ‘Increase the dose’.” 

#healingart #artthetapy #intuition #intuitiveabstract #womanartist


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