Learn to see

The word “awakening” is used lately so often and as many other expressions for different reasons it has been mystified and labeled. Wrongly I must say.

I will share what these words mean to me.
If it resonates with you and helps you… feel free to use it in the best way to serve you.
If you think this is stupid and all who are on this path should be locked in an asylum, then I encourage you to look around and try to see.  Ain’t you with your old beliefs part of the loud but weaker and weaker minority? Just because we are still silent doesn’t mean that we do not grow in love and light and do our work in the World. 
Just saying.
I write. You read. And then decide for yourself. Because you do know that you can decide for yourself? Right?
So… What is the awakening?
Spiritual hocuspocus? No.
Being recruited by a sect? No.
Possessed by the devil? No.
Kidnapped by aliens? No.
Hypnotized? No.
So what is it?
Well, is a very simple and yet so difficult step what you do. To choose differently.
The choice one makes to listen to its inner voice, to start to question things that it was said and inherited through generations.
The choice to be brave to step out from obviously hurtful generational patterns, and start to heal.
The choice to think and feel like a whole body-mind-spirit. Watch and bring awareness of the emotions and triggers and change all that is not serving the growth and healing.
Is the choice to heal your connection with Mother Earth, and reconnect to God, and acknowledge that all is rooted in love and all is connected. You, your existence are strongly connected to everything.
Is a choice to check up on the source of your thoughts and emotions. Are your actions rooted in Love ( Heart ) or rooted in a sort of disguised fear ( Ego ).
Is the choice to experience how wonderfully a human can be part of the world without damaging anything around itself.
Is a choice to respect your unique and beautiful human body by learning its unique language, loving and keeping it clean from all forms of poison.
Is the choice of whom you are allowing to touch you, to be with you, to taste you, with whom you share your energy, and who you let in your very intimate self!
It is standing in your power, fully trusting in who you are, being able to see that this is just a short period of your life journey. An episode. That you are a loving immortal soul temporarily incarnated in a human body. Is a beautiful experience and that you are privileged to be here and you should not waste it being trapped in the small and shallow games of the Ego.
You are so much more than your Ego. So so much more.
And discovering yourself starts with learning to be alone in the silence. Walking in nature without the music plugged in your ears. Being alone with your thoughts without any distraction. Just you. And all the layers of yourself. Silence the Ego…and you will discover the entire Universe within yourself.
And that is the moment when you are arriving into this life. Starting with all the struggles of a newborn. It’s You nurturing yourself.
Awakening is returning to yourself. Healing yourself. Loving yourself.
Remember who you are. And change the Game.


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