As I am watching the first sunrise of the calendarists year of 2022, listening to the birds around, peace within me and all around, I feel blessed and grateful. For all. Most of my early years passed by and it is hard to recall them in the memories. Running blindly, chasing dreams I thought it is expected to make me and others happy and fulfilled. But the truth is, I just stepped into a wheel of deadly Kibbler thinking that “that’s it”, ” it is what it is”, ” life is hard” ” love is painful” “body is for suffering” ” there is nothing you can do” ” dreams are for fools” ” money is the eye of the devil” “we don’t talk about that”, ” they said at the tv.”. School years, books, lyrics of well-known songs, movies, tv shows, and almost everything around me was saying the depressive verdict about how suffering is all that life is about. And slowly I have had become the perfect “product” of life-long generational programming, unable to question, or even think about questioning. I took it all just as it is. But there was something wrong with it. I could not define what it is. But all along I had that feeling that there is something. Unexplainable. There was inside me a little girl, who strongly believed that she is a princess, and one day she will prove to everyone that they are wrong. That there is so much more in life. That there is beauty all around, and Love is the source of life. Is the light that lights all lives.
But there were the filters. And I could not see, could not remember Who is Me.
And then there are these years of healing, the years when I started to see with my own eyes, hear without any sort of filters, learning to feel, daring to feel, think and experience life without being numbed by instant “entertainment” provided by the tv-shows, news headlines, movies, and depressive songs that society wrongly labeled as “love songs”.
With time I started to act and react, and live my life according to my soul’s purpose.
Yeah, it took years to learn. Yeah, it took years to dare to make the first steps. Yeah, it took years to believe again in anything. Yeah, it took years to trust in who I am and choose Life.
I choose to be the love I believe it is everything.
I choose to be the light for myself and others.
I choose to love and respect the pain that comes with the transformation.
I choose to embrace my so-called imperfection.
I choose to do Life in a way that makes me happy.
I choose to give from the heart.
I choose to open doors.
I choose to be Me.
I choose to love God, as God is in me and everything.
I choose to love Angeles as they always protect me and all of us.
I choose to listen to my inner voice as it is guided by the divine.
I choose to love and respect Mother Earth as it is part of me.
I choose to love my family from here and beyond.
I choose light over darkness.
I choose compassion and forgiveness.
I choose to love my Time.
I choose you as a reflection of me.
I choose to respect you and your decisions.
I choose not to rescue you, as I know you are not powerless.
I choose to see you in your wholeness.
I choose to walk with you through the darkness as you remember your Light.
I choose the truth of my soul because that is the only what I know for sure.
I choose to nourish my connection to the Source of Love and Light.
I choose every day of this beautiful incarnation with a heart full of gratitude.
I choose to lead with gentleness because I was born to be a light in the darkness.
I choose to smile knowing that I am doing my best and that is good enough.
I choose to walk with ease through this journey knowing that whenever I am going to be done with my mission, I will be going Home ❤

#2022 #love #light #healing #abundance


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