Never before did it happen for me to know so clear the way. My Way.
And my way is not your way. So please do not create a new dogma around it.
Everyone has their way. So please do not follow any dogma of anyone who says “they know the way ” so you should do the same.
Yes, there might be similarities but the truth is every one of us is walking a completely different path and you must be brave enough to experience Your truth, in your terms, according to all the feelings, sensations that are aligned with your soul and your heart.
Nowadays we are witnessing the collapse of a world that ruled through centuries, a world of power, control, and fear. A world ruled by Ego, materialism, dehumanizing, unbalanced and disconnected from nature and the essence of Life.  More fear, more control we see, closer we are to the collapse. Out of chaos, burning to ashes to be reborn.
And of course, we are witnessing a huge mass awakening, recognized by many as a great business opportunity, and to manipulate and continue to control you by telling you what to see, what to do, what to practice, and what to believe.
It is the ultimate tentative of the old to grab you and hold you back.
People ask me how do I do it. How do I reach to be this or that? People ask my opinion about drugs, mushrooms and many other things I never knew they exist.
Have I ever smoked? No.
Have I ever used excessive alcohol? No.
Am I drinking any alcohol? No.
Have I ever used drugs and psychedelic things? No.
Am I using any of the above now? No
They ask me how is possible to accelerate the process of “awakening”.
The Ego 😊 Right? So sneaky.
Accelerate the process. Control the process. Ehhhh.
You want (Ego) to heal within one day/ week/year wounds and patterns that were there for centuries.
Healing is a process. And it takes Time. And you should give Time until you are ready to step further.
Take your power back. If you are thinking accelerating things are helping you I have bad news for you. By wanting to control all, You lose control. Because you give your power away.
What do I have to say?
Stay Clean and Clear!!!
Let your Soul dictate the rhythm.
Be patient and embrace the change.
Observe. Mainly yourself. Then others.
Observe and learn.
Learn to recognize the roots of your actions. Heal and heal and heal. Fix everything within you that is not rooted in Love and Light.
Learn to see with your own eyes.
Be gentle with yourself.
Be gentle and forgiving with family and friends.
And be forgiving toward your Ego. It will try everything to keep you in the old patterns.
Trust that everything is happening in Divine Timing, and you do not have to rush things. By forcing you are creating resistance.
Be in alignment with your higher self, not with the popular trends. Turn off every source of the disturbance. Turn it off. Yes, the Tv, social media, heartbreaking songs that made you believe that Love is hard and meant to suffer.
Keep your body and mind clean. Yes, take your daily shower. But what I am talking about is keeping your body and mind clean. Be aware of your chemistry, and the effects of the food you eat, drugs you take, and learn to listen to your body. Watch yourself, the reaction and interactions during daily happenings, emotions, and impressions, and see how, where there is a response showing up on a physical level.
Do not neglect, abandon, mistreat, and forget about your physical body.
Is nothing spiritual in disrespecting any layers of your entity? And the body is one of that. Keep it Clean.
Walk. Reconnect with Mother Earth. Go out in nature. Plant. Touch the ground.
Connect with people who don’t want to force their opinions on you. People who allow you to be and expand in your wholeness.
For now, is enough to know, you do good. You are enough. You can and you should allow your Soul and Ego to be balanced in your Heart core.
There is more light coming to the Earth than ever before.
The key is Love.
Be Love.
Be Light.


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