Location: Planet Earth. Mission: Love

Their darkness and evil is fueled by your energy.
Every time you read their articles about sickness, war, violence, rape, crime…every time your frequency vibrates on the level of fear, worry, anger, hate, they have you, all of you. You are giving away your power, every time you listen, believe, and fear.
Every time you watch their face in the news, you become faceless, you become one of the millions empowering their evil image.
What to do?
Extract your power from the vicious cycle. Take your power back, by turning off every source of intravenous poisoning of your mind and soul. Go out in nature breathe freely. Hug your loved ones. Connect to Mother Earth. Find your balance and harmony in your heart core. Raise your vibration. Be the light you seek to see. Be the Love. Entirely.
Remember who you are. And change the game.
You are powerful beyond imagination, and You Can and You Should take back your power, and use it to create out of Love a future for your children.
They don’t know what to do with the high vibration.
They know the darkness but fear the Light.
They empower the human dark side because there the individual is powerless.
But You Know who you are!
You are a beautiful being of light, an amazing Soul experiencing a unique human life!
You have the power to choose Love over fear.
You have the freedom to choose Light over darkness.
You are me.
I am You.
We are One.
Choose which One you wish to be?
The one reflected in the news?
Do you really wish to empower “These” with your energy?
The choice is yours.
And every moment of your life!

Love 🌟
February 2022


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