How to support an artist you like?

Buy that artwork.
No matter how big or small. If you like it. Buy it!

No advice is needed. The story is simple. Artist is the creator of something unique and precious that you can enjoy for the rest of your life only if you invest in it. So…yes.
Buy that artwork.
“Why don’t you….” type of questions and advice are just stressing out kinds of moments.
Artist does not lack imagination… even the top roof is full of ideas. What it lacks is money to realize its ideas.
So if you like what you see? Invest in it.
Do you appreciate and recognize the value of a unique artwork?

You have a great heart, and goodwill, wishing to help the artist to create and continue to share with the world the Art that you so much like?
Start by buying.
Display them in your home. Let the work be seen and loved.

It has an instant mood-boosting and happiness hormone-releasing effect for both. Buyer and artist as well.

#contemporaryart #valuedelivered


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