May be…

Sunday. Morning. Slow-motion, peaceful sounds of birds singing.
Morning smell. Morning spell. Life. I do love you. Still Love You.
March…do not worry. I’m not angry with you. Through learning we forgive. By seeing behind the curtain we understand. And by understanding, we become compassionate. With ourselves, and very much forgiving in each direction. When the veil that shadowed the source of our actions is gone, and we have a clear vision, the completion of the healing happens. March, thank you for challenging my mental health in such a cruel way.
April, you, with your Speedy Gonzalez kind of cycle-breaking energies😀 Where have you gone? A whole trilogy can be written out of these past 30 days, and yet it feels like just a blink of an eye. Thank you. You were amazing.
And here I am. First Sunday morning of May 2022.
Smile on my face. Heart beating in my chest. May 2022. What have you got for me?
I am wondering….is there anything still going to surprise me?
Is there anyone writing a book about my journey and I know nothing about it? 😀
I am sooo sooo so lucky. And soo sooo soooo grateful for my soul, for the guidance, for the unbreakable will to heal, and the infinite Light and Love.
I am blessed.
Hello, May 2022.
May you be abundant.
In Love.
Abundant in Laughter and Joy.
Abundant in every aspect of my life.
Thank you.


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