Message in the “bottle”

The universe is talking to us through people, hints, synchronicities, numbers, songs, dreams, feelings, objects, odors, setbacks, green lights, detours, delays, and many other interesting ways.
We hear and know so much about people living in the same world but somehow on different dimensions. See and live in the same World, the same year, breathe the air under the same sky, but live lives in such different frequencies that literally don’t see/ hear/ and maybe don’t even sense one another. This is how it can happen that people who were deeply connected even Love one another, in the here and now they may easily be strangers.
For a long time, I could not find any explanation for losing contact with one of the most precious friends in my life. From time to time tried to reach out but never got an answer. 
But you do continue to care for the other.
You do your life, with ups and downs, beautiful achievements, and live the beauty of a unique journey. But there is a corner of your heart that silently wants to know if is doing it okay. I think when we love and care for another soul, somehow is natural to want the best for it, to know about it.
But “the best” from our perception can differ from what’s “the best” for others. And I can not judge or force my perception on anyone. All I do is respect the path they are choosing and wish them happiness. Whatever happiness may mean to them.
So here is this very important person, to whom from time to time I tried to reach out, but the reaction was a complete detachment. Somehow I always tried to find the reason. What did I do wrong? As far as I know, all I ever did was encourage, support, and accept every decision. Because all I wanted was its happiness.
And here I am on this lovely summer morning, breathing in the early morning fresh air, I know I got my answer.
I got it. Woke up remembering my dream, where I did receive a message texted ” Who is it writing? Learn to give your name and from where do you know me, why you write me.” Completed with an angry emoji.
As I woke up, I decided to take it as the answer given by the Universe through the dream. Kinda like a message in the bottle, given for me to understand and move on.
We are strangers to each other, living life in different realities. All that is left are the memories and the Love that is enough. Enough to be grateful for having the chance to meet in this lifetime. Grateful for crossing each other’s paths, enough to accept and let it go.
It’s all good. We are both good.


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