Stop right there!

I think I arrived at the point of not willing to play the game anymore.

Everyone who is coming to feed my fears, to empower my insecurities, to doubt the value of my work, the value of me, please notice that I am not interested in playing that game anymore.

I can say I have spent all my life in the so-called “survival mode”, and most of it was because people around me were more busy feeding my fears, empowering my self-doubt, and projecting on me their skepticism, fears, and lack of vision, instead of encouraging, support and make me believe that I am worthy of creating a healthy, wealthy and balanced life!

Every battle I have fought and won I did it and overcame when I finally was able to beat my fears and control my mind.

Every single day of my life is a testimony of how wrong You were!
The simple fact that today I am here, I am alive, I am still standing proves everyone who doubts to be wrong!

Now I am detaching myself from everyone who still does not believe in me!

You can doubt me. But do that out from my sight.

And just for you to know, I will still going to be your cheerleader in whatever you are willing to do!

You can have your fears. But keep them at your doorstep. Do not walk into my space with that.

But just for you to know, I will be encouraging you to find the strength to beat your fears and control your mind and succeed in anything you want.

But I do not wish to have anyone empower my self-doubt and feed any of my fears.
Because Fear is just
F fantasizes
E experiences
A appearing
R real.

I chose to believe in myself, over and over again.
And for the first time in my life, I am stepping out of the survival mode, walking and working and putting all my effort into thriving and growing. Because I am here with a purpose.
If you are lacking the ability to see the value I am offering, then maybe you are not the right person to walk next to me on this journey.

#abstractart #abstractartfreedom


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