Appetite for Life

It’s easy to say, move on, let it go. Do this or do that. And the more you hear it, bigger is the resistance within. We do try our best because a part of us is willing to move on.
The truth is, we let go and move on when we are ready to do it. Some things can’t be forced, rushed, or demanded.
The more you fight to get out of the whirl, the deeper you are grabbed into it. And you fight and fight until you arrive at exhaustion.
The point when holding on is hurting too much is the moment you feel you reached the bottom line. Mentally, physically, and emotionally.
Every layer of your being is tired of fighting the same demons over and over again.
No big drum play, no fireworks, not one soul around to notice how you slowly let go of all control. Smoothly something changes. You start to prioritize your mental health, balm the cracks in your heart, and nurture your body, heal each layer of your being. Rest. Recharge. Silent. Recover. Growing. Grounding. Setting boundaries. Getting firm with your voice. Prioritize your inner voice.
Regaining your appetite, and curiosity to explore and experience something new.
Days are passing, and everything seems to be slowed down, finding your power again, able to stand for yourself.
And without noticing it happens.
The change.
You try to recall the face, the smile, the sound, the voice, the scent.
And for the first time, is nothing there.  No vivid memory is bullying your efforts to let go.
Effortlessly it walked away from you.
Faded. Gone.
Feeling blue?…just a bit.
It remains the memory.
And gratitude for experiencing, learning, and growing.
Love is universal.
He’s gone.
I am free.
To live.
I’m back.
So is my appetite for Life.


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