Wine of Life

People Like wine tasting.
Most of them think they know wine by tasting it.
I think is an illusion. One can feel the savor and flavor of a specific wine in that special moment. And that sensation will never be the same. Because as time passes the chemistry of the wine is changing. The weather is changing and the person who was tasting the wine in April is not the same in the summer heat. Just like lovemaking. You can touch the same skin, kiss the same lips thousands of times, and hear the sweet sound of the other, and is never the same. Something is always changing.
All we can do is taste that wine, taste life, taste joy, make love, and be aware of the uniqueness of that moment. Nothing ever is going to be the same as in the present moment. That makes it so priceless.
Wine tasting doesn’t give us the knowledge of that wine, just like one night, or thousands of nights in the arms of a lover, will not give us a secret key to the book of the other, or ourselves. That sacred liquid will continue to be a mystery for those who are focusing on preserving the moment for the future. Hoping that one day they can open a bottle of wine, and enjoy the same flavor, same feeling, same sensation.
I think that’s an illusion. A limitation. Lack of faith.
One must be feeling and knowing that the here and now is perfect. And will never be the same.
And have faith that the present moment, the taste is the best possible, and each coming experience, each drop of wine is majestic and irreplaceable. Preserving the moment, holding it for the future, is robbery. One must give a chance to each and every coming moment, to become the best ever. Because the best ever can be a sip of wine, a bite from the juiciest pear, or a kiss given at the airport, while saying goodbye. One must be in love with life. Every minute of it. Enjoy the wine, the lovemaking, every moment knowing that it is a blessing and privilege and never to return. Allow the wine to change. Allow Life to unfold itself.

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