What if…

And what if all you want is a humble, simple life? When a cozy Home is more than enough. A home to call yours. Marked by your fingerprints and of all your loved ones.
What if you don’t want to hustle to be competitive but rather to create a balance in every aspect of your life?
What if you want a partner to talk to, hold the space for each other, and encourage when is needed? One with whom every day is a new journey, one with whom your heart beats in the same rhythm.
What if you want both to feel safe sharing your dark side, knowing that the other is your mirror, the beauty you see in those eyes is you reflected, that the fears triggered within you are his fears as well? What if you know how to talk, walk, hold hands, kiss, laugh, cry, make love, hold tight and let go of each other day by day, every day filtered through love and light, having the freedom and acceptance of each other’s weakness and demons.
What if two people decide to listen to their inner voice and choose Love?
What if is okay to acknowledge and share your fears with your loved ones?
What if you stop listening to the same old record of the past is gone, leave the past behind and other bullshit, and just listen to your gut feeling, and go deep into the mud of the family memory book, and search for the roots of all unexplainable miseries.
And what if the families would unite as one, willing to heal? Dropping pride, anger, shame, fear, and all limiting beliefs … And just for once to choose Love and Unity.
Is it said that the egg if is cracked from the outside, life ends. But if the same egg is cracked from inside life begins. All big changes are happening only from the inside, from within. And every change starts with one small step. One different decision will take you to a different destination.
Sometimes illness, accidents, and detours in our lives come across as the biggest blessings. Shaking us up, turning our lives upside down, brushing out people we thought we would fight and die for.
And what if we accept that we can have two lives within the same incarnation cycle, and see how the second one begins when you start to listen to that voice, feeling, or whisper… It may go against everything you knew as true, against everything this world wanted you to be, and to believe you are.
You know the truth is within you, as soon as you start feeding the light from inside, you will glow in every layer of your being.
What if we stop fighting, bullying, and labeling Love as weakness…
What if we are brave enough to stand up for Love as being the super healing power of us all?
What if our rescue is not a person sent for our salvation by God, but we acknowledge that we are the creators of our reality, we have the power of God working within every one of us?
What if we stop fighting and denying,….that we knew; we knew, We had God within us all along!
What if we drop the guns of Ego that lead us to self-destruction?
What if now we will choose Love?


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