Change the “Too late moment”

Is it possible to have a playlist that is good for the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health of a person?  Lately, I find it hard to listen to the same old tracks. Something changed within me, and I do not resonate anymore with the message of these songs.
In the last few years, I got to learn a lot about words and their power. How through the words we use, especially when intense feelings are attached to the equation, how unconsciously we are creating our reality. Our mood, our perception, our luck or unluck, our beliefs, and our decisions are rooted in our subconsciously run programs.
Words combined with melody, together are a strong combination to reach out to the depth of the listener’s emotions and thoughts. Songs are the ultimate carriers of messages. I love music. Lately, I have found myself searching for music and lyrics that don’t make my soul scream out loud, rejecting the not-so-hidden message of pain and suffering.
The question is what message one is willing to believe? What do we allow to touch the depth of our being? With what do we agree, and accept as our truth?
I am in favor of rehabilitating the meaning of “Love”. I am in search of songs where there is the promise of love winning the battles, where the joy of life is celebrated with the rhythm of the music. I enjoy songs of passion for life. The sensuality of tango as prelude to a passionate love making. Connection,  sunshine and freedom emerged in the superpower given by Love.
” Love”, the perception of love has been torsioned in such a horrible way that entire generations have been raised seeing love as a weakness, something making us vulnerable and powerless. Masses of people, singing all together in concerts, how Love hurts, how love is lost, and waiting for love to come back, as it would be a piece of paper, a property, a walking-talking tricky something, outside us.
In my perception, a lot of the so-called “love songs” have not much to do with Love. They are songs mirroring fear, pride, anger, jealousy, loss,  loneliness, and a bunch of other things that people have been living and identified as consequences of Loving.
Few are aware that all our bad experiences are not the effects of us Loving too much, but consequences of the lack of genuine Love and respect towards ourselves and the other.
Lack of bravery to talk sincerely. Lack of willingness to choose the less walked way. Lack of acknowledging our weaknesses. Lack of conversation. Lack of respect for ourselves and the other. Lack of courage. Lack of kindness towards ourselves and the other. Lack of compassion. Lack of trust. Lack of looking in each other’s eyes.  Lack of knowing what genuine Love is.
Thing is, the wounds are deep, and the walls built by the trauma of history are so high that most people have no idea what genuine Love is.
I choose to believe that Love is and will always going to be the superpower of Humankind.
All comes down to the choices we make. Are people going to choose to believe in the power of genuine Love, or continue to live a life ruled by their fears and limiting beliefs?
Stories of unspoken Love, the regret of not choosing Love….are hidden in that last teardrop of people passing away.
The too-late moment.

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