Rise in Love

Sometimes I just sit silently and watch people. Listen to their conversations, watch their gestures and sense the changes in the tone of their voices. I like the unawareness of many, of how they are an open book in the eyes of those who are looking without the filter of judging.
I think one of the saddest things I experience in this lifetime, is to see how Love is misinterpreted, how Love is squeezed into a box and labeled as just a feeling.
While everyone genuinely is craving to experience Love, to tap into the power of Love,  the biggest battles within a person are
because of fear of Love.  Because most people live with the belief that Love is something they fall into. That being in love is a weakness. An emotion to avoid feeling.
Already the word  “falling” is implying that is something dangerous, and Instinctively people do not wish to fall. No one wishes to fall into anything, to fall into a hole, or even to fall out from the swing. In general, people have built a safety net not to falling in Love.

I think everything is changing within us if we change our perception of life and things. Our life view, perception of Love, and our ability to beat our fears are easier if we step out of the dogmatic beliefs and see things as they are, not as they were thought to us.

I do believe that in the past when I got hurt in any way, it was not because of love. It was because of a lack of Love.
If I look back to what has been said and done, I do understand perfectly why it hurt so much, why it felt into pieces, why disease happened, and why pain and suffering occurred. I recall pictures of different moments and aspects…and I see that there was a lot of desire, it was anger, pride, mind games, fear, stubbornness, and unhealthy compromises.  There was everything, but not Love.

Now I see and know.
It’s not really possible to fall in love. That’s fiction. A limiting belief.
Love is one of the highest frequencies we can access. Love must be risen to.
We don’t fall in love. We fall (descent ) into desire, into sense of pleasure that pulls us further from our divine attributes. Love is not desire. Love is the unifying frequency. Is the superpower, the bridge, the connector. Love walks hand in hand with respect, toward ourselves and everyone and everything in this world. Love requires bravery of kindness and acceptance. Love requires that we rise beyond the limitations of the carnal self to meet the limitless essence of our being. Love requires faith that we as humans, we are not here for suffering through separation and competition, but to rise through connection, and oneness.
Love is not blind. Is seeing with clarity. It witnesses everything.
Rise to love. Rise in love.
Love is waiting to meet us in every moment.
Love is a frequency to be chosen.
We, in every moment, have the freedom to choose our vibration.
Love is the highest frequency one can vibrate in and the highest state of consciousness. In the pure frequency of love, there is gratitude, creation, trust, gentleness, happiness, and oneness.
Love is all.


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