Echoed in colors- Exhibition

“Echoed in Colors” 🎨❤
🎹 Soft piano music, warmth, and people’s voices in the background. Hugs and smiles, kindness and peace.
🍸The Sweet and Sour sides of the artist presented in an amazing combination of flavors, a mocktail created with love by MusicBooks in the honor of the event.
🖼An evening where abstract Art has been presented with Gentleness and Love.
🌟This is how I remember the evening of the 6th of October. Grateful for the care and kindness I received from Marleana, Miguel and the whole staff of @musicbooks
Im grateful for all my lovely friends and everyone who is supporting my work,  encouraging me for ongoing, growing and reaching out to more and more people through my Art.
🎨The artworks are going to be seen at the restaurant for about two weeks. If you missed the opening event, you can pass by, see the artworks, and enjoy a drink or meal with friends ❤


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